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Scilly History Across YouTube (playlists)
Links to many of the best historical Scilly videos. Each video will take you through to the video owners channel and play it there, none of these videos are hosted/owned by this site/channel.
The 1920s
1921 – ‘The Prince In The Scilly Isles’ [British Pathé] (1.18)
The 1930s
1932 – ‘Secrets Of Nature, Springtime In The Scillies’ [British Pathé] (9.38)
1937 – ‘Flowers’ [British Pathé] (1.48)
The 1940s
1948 – ‘Island Mail’ [British Pathé] (1.31)
The 1950s
195x – ‘Flowers Grown In The Scilly Isles’ [my channel] (1.18)
1954 – ‘A Lady In Distress’ [British Pathé] (1.18)
1957 – ‘Cine Film Memories’ [Peter Grey] (7.13)
1958 – ‘Cine Film Memories’ [Peter Grey] (7.13)
The 1960s
196x – ‘Scilly Isles’ [Ian Horner] (19:56)
1962 – ‘Lands End Airport’ [British Pathé] (2.16)
1963 – ‘Scilly Isles’ [British Pathé] (4.05)
1965 – ‘Mr Wilson In The Scilly Isles’ [British Pathé] (9.04)
The 1970s
1971/72 – ‘Cine Memories’ [Peter Grey] (4.05)
The 1980s
1982 – ‘Blondie – Island Of Lost Souls (Music Video Shot On Scilly)’ [EMIMUSIC] (3.48)
1983 – ‘The FCA Do The Isles Of Scilly’ [Tony Steel] (5.42)
1986 – ‘Helicopter Travel To The Scilly Isles’ [ZA295] (11.17)
1986 – ‘Virgin Atlantic Challenger II Tomorrow’s World Special’ [Aprc54] (34.30)
1987 – ‘Tony Soper Go Birding’ [DARCP W] (24.20)
1989 – ‘Isles Of Scilly, June’ [safeashouses211] (57.24)
1989 – ‘When The Whales Came (Trailer)’ [Craig Anderson] (2.00)
The 1990s
1991 – ‘Challenge Anneka Bad Weather Challenge’ [Anneka Rice’s Channel] (6.51)
1992 – ‘Lesser Yellowlegs, 24th Aug, Scilly’ [Robert Flood] (1.00)
1995 – ‘Penzance To Scilly Isles Helicopter’ [Seanstu] (2.10)
The 2000 (until 2004)
2000 – ‘Blue Peter, Scilly Episode’ [geoffirbarman] (25.21)

Be sure to have a look over at Scilly Voices, where there is a large archive of online interviews with scilly residents covering all aspects of Scilly life and history. When you visit the site click on the “The Oral History Archive” and then select the box titled “Only return results with online recordings” and then click “Search The Archive”
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