Here you can upload your own Scilly memories, as many or as few as you like.
As long as your photo(s) is older than 10 years and features Scilly (maybe a holiday you took, an event or just a photo of good times) it is welcome here.

Simply select your photo from the computer, add a description and “upload”. The photo will uploaded to the website where an admin will approve it, and move it to the correct year.

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If you would like to share them with the whole community where they can be enjoyed and discussed by all, we’d all love to see you no matter where you’re from, at
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If you are interested in writing an article for the site, have found an error or a correction or have any other question, please message us via the Scilly Rock facebook profile (many of the admins use this) and we’ll be happy to include it in the articles section. When writing an article promotion of any local business is absolutely encouraged, anything that helps/benefits the islands in a positive way is brilliant. To that effect, please be sure to include links to other sites, books for further reading or helpful suggestions to potential visitors to Scilly,
Articles can quite simply be anything from Scilly history, wrecks, plant life, famous visits, birthday celebrations to simply how you spent your summer holiday to Scilly in 1982.

If you are interested in submitting video, or would like your youtube video included in the youtube list, please contact an admin at the Scilly Rock profile page.