‘The Very Scilly Memory Page’ is a friendly place for Islanders and Visitors alike to share old memories of The Isles of Scilly, UK. No matter where you are from…perhaps you took a holiday in 1966 or 1996 and wanted to share your snaps and memories from it, the facebook site (and here if you like) are just the place for that.
Because of the wide variety of media involved, this site was designed in order to bring them together (Audio, Video, Photos, Articles and Stories) instead of having them spread out of several websites. The home page shows the public feed from the facebook page. The audio page is for cassette downloads from events over the past 40 years. The Video page links to youtube videos. The articles page gives insights and information about Scilly history and events that have taken place on the islands.


Submitting media: Age of Media/Memories, Submitting articles
As a guideline, photos/videos/other media should be older than 10 years. There are plenty of brilliant Scilly Facebook pages/websites dedicated to new photos/media, so please use them if posting current memories, photos etc. Although this is a guideline, please feel free to post accompanying modern comparison shots if posting an very old photo. If you would like to submit articles, videos or photos to the site, please pop over to our UPLOAD page.

Subject matter:
All media should be taken on or around the Isles of Scilly, UK. Relevant exceptions too, of course are welcome (a 1980’s picture of a Scillonian III in Penzance dry dock for instance). If people appear in the media you are posting, and they are known to you, it is polite to ask their permission before posting it.

Copy write, Crediting and Usage
If uploading to the site, or facebook page, where possible please give full credit the original photographer/artist and link to their website/web store if you like!
If you would like to use photos off this site/facebook page usage is as follows:

  • Anything with “The Very Scilly Memory Page” watermark is absolutely fine to use elsewhere providing you keep the original watermark intact (a link back to the original site would be very kind also, but not mandatory). If you would like a hi-res copy for print/other use without the watermark, please contact us and we are more than happy to provide these free of charge for use as long as you credit the photo correctly.
  • *important* Anything that does not have a water mark – you will need to search out the original photographer and ask their permission before using it as we cannot be held responsible for those photos.

Removal of Media
If media appears on the website that you own the copy write to and you do not wish it to appear on the site please message the page using the Scilly Rock facebook page link and one of the admin’s will be happy to help.
If a picture of yourself has been posted that you do not wish it to appear on the site you can also use that same link and one of the admin’s will be happy to help.

Please feel free to share the page with anyone you think might find it interesting, have a story to tell, or photo to share!